Why and how to use bleach on face

Benefits of Bleaching
Bleaching is used to get instant flow on skin. Bleaching followed with facial will give healthy skin. Bleaching is also helps to remove tan and lighten the facial hair. It also helps to open clogged pores and remove dead cells. Especially it helps the people who whole day out in the sunlight.

How to use Bleaching
It can be done in once in three weeks. People who want to do bleach at home have to go for patch test. Apply small application on the arm, if don’t persist any irritation you can use bleach. Don’t use soap after five hours and should avoid going into sunlight immediately.

Recommended product
As lot of bleaching product available on the market, which to use. Mrs. Bharti Tanaja, Leading aesthetician, cosmetologist, beauty expert says “As sensitive skin need to be dealt with care, I recommend Oxy bleach”

She also stated that:
Oxy bleach is the one of the mildest bleach available in the market. It comes with pre-cream that is rich with vitamin-E which helps condition the skin and make the bleach suitable to all type of skin even sensitive skin.

How Bleach works
Oxy bleach release oxygen that oxidizes the melanin content of facial hair match it with skin tone. Extra oxygen released during application provide extra glow to the skin and rejuvenate.

Professional pack comes with post bleach cream. This cream improve moisturizer and enhance the glow of skin.

How to use bleach at home
If you are using it for first time, test a patch around your arm. If no irritation then you can ready to use. Oxy bleach comes in a single use pack with per-measured quantities of activator and cream. Mix it well for 2-3 minutes. Then apply in the direction of the hair growth, covering the areas that you need to bleach. Keep it on for 10 minutes if your complexion is dark. If the complexion is fair, keep it on for 15 minutes. But it should not exceed 20 minutes.

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