4 Tips to take a perfect saree pleat and saree drape

Ever wondering how to do perfect saree Pleat as well as more pleats on saree?

I have seen 99% of women not draping their saree in perfect method.

I was searching for so many videos in youtube for the guideline, but none of them help me since somewhat i’m pretty expert. Even though i was looking for some nice tip to post in on my blog.

Finally i have landed a youtube page where i got good and easy tips to wear saree in a video


  1. How to take a perfect saree pleats ?

  2. How to take more pleats in saree ?

  3. How to get neat finishing of saree pleat? And

  4. How to fold a saree with its pleat?

Here the video link below. The language in Tamil but you can also understand without language.

How to do Get more pleats?

How to Drape saree in 5 minutes?

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