Handsome income from Macrome Bag Designs for house ladies

Do you know art and craft work can bring you handsome income?

If you are Really interested in art and craft, you should learn this beautiful handmade macrame bags which is made by the techniques of macrame.

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What is Macrame bag?

Without using any craft instrument,  just by hand,  weaving the thread in certain method/techniques is called macrame.

What are all the things we can make by macrame techniques?

Using the techniques you can design:

  • Macrame Hand bag
  • Mobile pouch
  • Home decorative  hangings
  • Ornament like ear ring, bracelet etc.

It is very easy to learn.

Benefits of learning macrame bags and designs

Learn this month and Earn next month by:

  • Producing awesome designs
  • By teaching the techniques to other people ( which is more demanding now.)
  • Sell Macrame bags on online using social media and B2B online store like AMAZON, Flipkart, Snap Deal ETC.

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