How to sew/stitch Salwar kameez: A step by Step tutorial

Finally I have come up with my dream article “How to Sew Salwar kameez”, a more demanding and searching article on net. I’m very pleasure to release this project for my lovable visitors and Followers. First of all I want to thank you all, because you’re the people made me to do this.
 Why I am giving such a build up is, for me sewing itself a big challenge.  And taking step by step photograph is too tough. After that, editing each photograph, adding instruction label, writing content, adding pictures in sequence bla bla….  I hope as a sewing people you know it. But I fully enjoyed while making this article.
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Ok here we go….
Note: This salwar kameez is not sewed in exact measurement.  Everything is approximate. And short it is a mini salwar kameez. Used contrast color thread to the visibility. You make your perfect measurement while drafting and making.

But the sewing instruction is the exact one which I have learnt from an institute. And I’m sure, By using this tutorial you can make your salwar kameez


Measurement required for sewing salwar kameez

Full Length     :     From shoulder to desire length
Chest              :     Around Chest
Waist length   :     From shoulder to waist
Shoulder         :     end to end
Sleeve length :     From shoulder to desire length
Slit                  :     From waist to bottom of the salwar
Neck deep      :     Front and back separately (desire deep)
Shoulder to chest
Chest to waist
Waist to bottom

How to draft salwar kameez

Back part
0-1     Full length_2 cm
0-2    waist length
0-3    ¼ chest
3-4    ¼ Chest + 4cm
3-4    2-5
5-6    1.3cm for side shape
1-7    ¼ chest + 12cm
7-8    1.3 cm
0-9    ½ shoulder width+0.8 cm
0-9    3-10
0-11    1/6 neck (or) 1/12 chest
0-12    2.5 cm
9-13    1.3cm
Front part
0-14    1/6 neck or 1/12 chest
10-15    2.5 cm front arm
How to carry out/trace salwar kameez measurement over the material
Note: Measurement and drafting required only when you design your salwar kameez with measurement. Otherwise get your sample salwar kameez fold it and place over the (cloth) material to be stitched. Keep in mind of the Fold [Fold of salwar material and fold of sample salwar should be on the same line]



Note: Required 2 pieces, one piece for front and one for back. Front neck should be lower than back neck. If you want you can keep the back neck deeper as your wish.
After the completion of the drafting, cut the pattern. [Do the outline cut. Sleeve and neck deep have to be cut separately]
And do the necessary deep cut for front neck and front arm separately.
Sleeve Drafting instruction
Here i have discussed Drafting of sleeve pattern. click here Sleeve drafting
 Do the Cutting for sleeve
Open the fold. Place both side of sleeve one over the other. And do the ‘s’ cut.


Make two pieces of cloth [measurement: neck’s width and height] for neck line stitching
Do the neck line sewing for front body and back body.
How to join the shoulder of front and back of the salwar kameez
Note: Read the instruction carefully. This will give perfect finishing on shoulder joined line
Place back part facing outside

Place front part over the back part facing inside (I have highlighted the neck line piece edge in dotted line)

Left shoulder: Pull the neckline pieces of back body and place it on front body’s shoulder (see figure: for visibility i have changed the cloth color).
Now do the sewing by joining the back and front shoulder (do double sewing).
Do it on other side.
 How to sew sleeve of salwar kameez
Now open the two sides. In this view you can see neck as a ‘round’ hole. Now place the sleeve back body over the front body of the arm hole. Now do the Sleeve sewing. Do it for other side too.
 Do the seaming sew for sleeves
How to sewing Salwar kameez slit
 Now completely make the dress inside out. Mark the sleeve height. Do the slit mark as one inch cut(using scissor) from the edge for making the easy stitch of slit.
 Start sewing from the sleeve end. Follow the shapes of salwar kameez. Stop the sewing 1 inch after the slit cut (you made by scissor). Do double stitch.
 Do it for other side
How to make Salwar kameez slit 
Do double fold of slit on both side. (I have changed the color of the fold for visibility)
 Picture shows one side fold. Do it on other side
Do start sewing from bottom of the salwar kameez. You need to continue the stitch from the bottom line of salwar kameez to end of the slit open (‘v’ shape) on one side and continue on other side. Again continue the sewing from there to starting end. [I have indicated the direction of sewing : See the figure]
Picture: Continued from 2nd side
Picture: Towards the end of 1st side
Picture: Slit over
 Now do the seam for salwar kameez bottom line.
The salwar kameez sewing is complete. Now it is ready to wear. Before wear do the iron for the seating of edges perfectly

Hope this tutorial will help you to sew your salwar kameez. Please Don’t forget to share and comment

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