How to improve hair growth: A hair tips

I asked my friend who is a beautician, “How to improve the hair growth”. she said “There is no need to spend money on hair growth oil product. Maintaining hair will automatically promote the hair growth”. The she gave the following tips.

  • Keep the hair scalp clean which prevent from hair loss due to dust, pollution and dandruff
  • Get intake of good vitamins and minerals. Especially have these nutrition naturally by vegetables, leafy vegetables (keerai), dates, milk and fruits.
  • Use good shampoo
  • Don’t use conditioner on scalp (personally i found avoid conditioner if you have hair fall).
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep oil for an hour before hair wash
  • Stop worrying about hair fall just follow the simple procedure which you can do it in your regualr routine
  • Cover the hair by scarf while driving two wheeler
  • Reason for hair fall
  • Natural cycle of hair
  • vitamins and nutrition deficiency
  • Pollution and dust
  • Dandruff (biggest enemy of hair)
  • Chemical treatment like hair colouring and hair straightening
  • Post pregnancy (quite normal)

Consider the factor of hair fall just follow the simple tips which given by beautician. Definitely you can be abel to protect your hair from damage and hair fall, which will result in hair growth.

I had severe hair fall due to water change and city pollution. And i didn’t do anything to care about my hair as like every women. Resulting i got dull, dry, dandruff and hair loss.

Finally i decide myself to do atleast simple steps. I changed my shampoo as dove hair fall therapy shampoo, which gives good result.

But i am not using the conditioner (but you choose your best one). And weekly once apply green gram paste or coconut milk as a

back before hair wash which gives vitamins and minerals to your hair (click here for benefits of green gram ). And also keep my diet somewhat good.

The result i completely released from my hair fall. My friends and family telling me that my hair grown well.

No women in the world without having hair problem. If trying  the simple steps give better result then why you are worrying and waiting? Go ahead.

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