How to get glowing skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing

Regular usage of cleansing, toning and moisturizing before bed giving shining skin. (combination with monthly facial will give really good result). Let see what is the benefits of using these.

Benefits of cleanser, toner and moisturizer

Cleansing, toning and Moisturizing are the three basic steps of skin care routine. Following these steps twice in a day gives glowing Skin.

Benefits of Cleanser
Cleansing removes dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup, Which let your skin breath well. (whenever you come back home you can cleanse your face)

Benefits of Toning
Toning close the pores which generally opens after cleaning. It restores the pH level and prepare the skin to receive the moisturizer.

Benefits of moisturizing
Moisturizing can be choose accordingly to the skin type. For oily skin use non greasy moisturizer. Moisturizing should be done immediately after applying toner. Moisturizer helps to form a fine, protective layer that enables the skin to retain the moisture it requires. Moisturizing is essential for all types of skin. Especially for dry skin it requires most. Lack of moisture on the skin causes skin to become dry and more prone to wrinkling.

if you do these steps everyday your skin will always remain healthy , fresh and flawless.

As choosing the product and storing of these three little bit complex , here i am suggesting these oriflame 3 in 1 to your consideration. [Source: My personal experience]

3 in 1 Cleanser, Toner and moisturizer in Oriflame Product

It can be used to cleanse, tone and moist the skin. Applying twice a day may give wonderful result. But never forget to use it before you go to bed after your days work outside. Take a small amount in hand and apply over face, then wipe off with a cotton piece. It cleanses by removing the dirt and provides moisture to your skin. It serves as Cleanser, moisturizer and Toner. This can be done even before starting for a makeup.
It really work out on dry skin too. Apply over the face and wipe of with cotton. Don’t wash. See the result in the next day. And please come up with your comments. Which really help others to find out a wonderful product. Very comfortable price 239 Rs. (I’m not oriflame consultant. If you really need to buy, then i will suggest the consultant who providing me)

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  1. I am Vimala Rani. the information which you gave is nice, I got good glowing skin thanks for your information …..

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