How to get chubby cheeks | ஒட்டிப்போன கன்னம் உப்புவதற்கு

I have read some great tips to improve the chubbiness of the cheeks from the book ‘Aval vikatan’. Here Im sharing the tips with you.

  • Add one teaspoon of Butter with sugar and give slight rounded massage over the cheeks regularly before going to bath.
  • Paste apple and give massage over the cheeks regularly. Within a week you will get good result.
  • Have food cooked with olive oil will give glow to the cheeks.
  • oil pulling Method will give good result.
  • Lacking of moisturizer will make the cheeks look dry and lifeless. Take one almond, pista and cashew. Soak it in water, Paste and apply it on cheeks. And also have each one to eat. It will reduce the wrinkles and improve the shining of the cheeks
  • Make a juice of 3 slices of apple, carrot and 1/2 lemon. Having it regular in the morning will improve the color, chubbiness and will get glowing skin.
  • Mix Papaya and Honey and apply it on cheeks for 10 min. like a pack.
  • Mix Butter, Honey, cheese and oats with Milk. Drink it regularly.
  • Having Orange or Apple  juice regular will get chubby cheeks and glowing skin.

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