How to draft high neck collar pattern

What is the difference between collar neck and high collar neck?

  • Collar neck is the one which prepared in separate cloth and attached to the neck

  • High collar neck is done pattern in the front body and attached to the back body neck.
High collar Neck
How Draft it?

Picture 1: Front Body Drafting. Normal Body pattern measurement included with collar
High collar neck front body
Picture 2: Back Body drafting
Picture 2: I have changed the front and back body color for your understanding

Picture 3: Full piece of front and back body

Front body
back body

Picture 4: Place front body over the back body. Pull over the collar piece over the back curve (dotted line) and stitch it

Front body placed on back body

This high neck we can try it blouse as well as salwar kameez.
What is the use of high neck collar pattern when we have normal collar attachment?
With the help of high collar technique we can do so many design variation in the neck design. I have given one example here

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