How about westernized touch salwar kameez designs

Addicted to western outfit may feel bore of the usual look of salwar kameez and the market offering regular designs. Nowadays everyone jumped to Kurtis and matching leggings which look stylish and comfortable.
For around a year i haven’t purchase any salwar kameez because of its same boring designs. It’s difficult to find unique salwar kameez. But i found some collection on online stores and they are looking cool. But don’t know the assurance of the quality while we get it in our hand.
For who likes to make unique patterns, the only option is customized salwar kameez. But the tailors ready to take your challenging design or you have to make yourself.
Picture shows a synthetic anarkali salwar kameez. Lace around the neck, arm and waist looking really great. Usual printed black and white design but the way the salwar stitched made it look beautiful. Lace work around waist gives western touch to the dress.

2 thoughts on “How about westernized touch salwar kameez designs”

  1. I like your idea about westernized touch in the salwar kameez designs, the piece of dress you have share here are very nice, beautiful designs and unique patterns. I like this westernized salwar kameez design, thanks for sharing.

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