How about getting fairer and glowing skin after 30?

Don’t feel bore to read the below story. If your skin falling into the category of the below said type it may useful in some extent.

After 30 skin gets dryness, fine lines and dullness. I have dusky skin color. Usually I don’t prefer to use any cream or foundation on my skin since I like to give my skin a natural look. If I do any overdo on my face, I feel like everyone stare at me.

When I was in 20, my face looks oily. But body looks dry, especially hands and legs. After 30 my skin got its dryness slowly. If I do any remedy for dryness like home made therapy, changing soap and using cream, then skin became oily. In one stage I fed up to use any changes in soap or using creams.

Last winter I felt very dryness on my skin (more dry patches around mouth) and lost its fresh look. I was looking for some temporary solution. By saw the olay 7 days total effect trail pack I thought to give it a try. The pack worth is 90 inr. After using twice in a day I got little relief from dryness and started to use it. I like the way it is moisturizing the skin and don’t leave any greasy look.

Finally I decided to buy full pack and wanted to use it till the end of winter. While I was searching for the product one of the sales girl suggested me new improved olay 7 days total effect touch of foundation. As I said don’t want to go for foundation, initially I ignored her. After that I convinced myself to use it atleast for few days to see the result even though the worth of the product is 900 inr. After all we are the girl who always wants beautiful skin.

After came back to home, took little amount of cream on finger and placed a small dots all over the face and massage it smoothly. I got surprised that foundation easily absorbed by the skin and it was not really looking like foundation applied (usually the foundation do. And more over, we use different foundation color for different skin tone. But here, it is not necessarily worried about the foundation color).

The way it is giving the look to my skin is smooth and shining. You don’t believe, the next day itself my friend noticed it and asking for the secret of shining. By telling entire story she also wanted to give a try.

Then what is unexpected result I got after a week is I felt my eyes was looking very different (I felt looks good) and finding the reason. Then found that I had slight dark circle under and few lines under the eyes which have gone now and skin looking bit fairer and changing the uneven skin tone color.

As summer started now, it gives slight greasy look. Anyhow, I am managing to wash it with Olay cleanser (use like soap on face) which balancing it.

Now I become fan of Olay 7 days total effect touch of foundation.

Note!!! Every cream works in different ways in different skin. Not all creams work for all skin. Search better cream which is suiting to your skin type.

If you are having dry skin then it will be a good one.

FYI: I don’t step into direct sunlight. And I don’t know anything about the sun protection ability of the product. But it has SPF 15.

Feel free to register your comment and experience. So that it could helps everyone.

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