hair colouring and hair straitgning : what to do and what not

Things to be Considered Before doing Hair straightening
Styling suggested according to the profession. As the image of the profession should not be affected, it is not advisable to do hair straightening for High profiled people like Professor and doctors.
Age will be considered for choosing the colors and its styles. Younger and middle can go for streaks and other types of hair colouring. Where as women having grey hair not advised to go for streaks colouring.
How they want to project themselves and what styles suits them.
Color should be matched with eye ball color.
Skin tone will be the major consideration before choosing the color. Eg. Dark skin may not be going with red colour.
History of the Hair
* Previous history will be considered for hair colouring or hair straightening. If the hairs Over coated with hair treatment with any product like henna or dye, we ask the customer to wait for atleast 3 months or go for “Hair wash”.

* For over coated hair, test will be conducted to see the history of hair. For “Hair wash”, the hair has to be tested for its health and strength. Poor healthy hair should not undergo “Hair wash”.

* Still if people want to go for the Hair colouring, that there is no guarantee to longing of the color. And it wouldn’t be a good for Hair.

Procedure to apply Hair colouring

For grey hair people, color applied to the grey part first and rest of the area next. The grey hair should be treated with extra time.

Application Started from root, head and body of the hair. Color shouldn’t apply to the end of the hair. It may lead to cuticles broken in bad rate.

For this cause we advise people “[h1]Not to do Hair coluring at Home[/h1]”. And more over people who doing hair color at home not taking care of the proper mixture of cream and developer and they think keep the pack longer will get darker. But it is not so. Over period cause so many problems like pigmentation, eye problem etc. They don’t even understand the problem comes because of this issue.

So don’t try to do Hair colouring at home or Do it after know the procedure of applying, mixing and get advice from the beauticians

Use Colouring shampoo for washing the hair. It helps to control the frizzy, dryness and balance the PH. And the last longing of the color will be good.

* Don’t frequent application of Hair colouring. Do it after 25 to 30 washes.
* Don’t Use various Brand. Stick with one brand.
* Don’t apply it on tip of the hair. It makes split end.
* Don’t keep coloring on long period. It cause pigmentation and eye problem
* Don’t do streaks while you are having grey hair

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