Do you think cosmetic item works on skin? A review on Lakme perfect radiance

Why we have to use cosmetics?

There are lot of cosmetic products available on market. Day to day new products entering into market. Like me few of you confusing in choose the products. Few people thinking, why we need to use cosmetics products?. But i have justification for that.
“skin get affected in daily basis by means salt content water, pollution and dust. I don’t think using normal soap remove these dust from the bottom layer of the skin. So the skin must be treated specially”
How to choose Cosmetics?
But Before choosing the product we need to know the skin types and it sensitive. Don’t simply start to use the product by seeing cosmetic review like mine. So that i wanted to give a review after using it. I just wanted to know, ‘whether the cosmetic items the company promising is working or not?’ I have planned to choose Lakme perfect radiance as I liked to improve the color of skin tone.

 What is the Lakme skin radiance contains?

The lakme perfect radiance comes in beautiful glass container which contains 28 capsules.

What the Lakme skin radiance promising?

It promises to remove 6 blocks of skin problems are

  • Tanning
  • Dark spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dullness
  • Blemishes
  • Oiliness

Lakme skin radiance: How to use it?

The 28 capsules meant to use it for 4 weeks. You can use it in the day or night. Which means one capsule in a day. Twist the head of the capsule. A pale yellow thick serum will come out. Make a dot over a face. Spread it by using finger.

The serum is easily absorbs by skin and gives matte look finish. As it is serum based, not feel sticky.

How I feel after use Lakme skin radiance?

I don’t have much tanning or block on my skin. I felt refreshing skin, slight skin tone color improvement immediately after a week. But I can’t say it gives extraordinary skin improvement.


Visible change in skin color

Make skin look fresh

Price: Rs. 1250.00


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