Do you know there are 90 works that you could do from home?

Women work at homeHi, This is sharmila siva authour of I have been studying about the work from home related jobs since 2008. From my learning I have started doing following work from home jobs.

  • Blogging(Google Adsense) – From 2008- Income 20k/Month
  • Small export unit (Sharo Exports)- From 2011- Income 1.5 Lac- 2.0 Lac /Month (Based on the order)
  • Digital Media company (Hit 5 media) – From 2016 – 20 to 25 K
  • Freelancing Professional Makeup Artistry – From 2016 – 20k avg. / Booking (wedding season)

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What is the common problem to start work from home?

When we are thinking of ‘to work from home’, a common question pop up in mind is

  • What Business to start?
  • How to start?
  • How much investment needs? (Yes, without a investment you can’t start anything. Atleast you have to invest to learn that particular job related requirement)


Without knowing anything or if you are not interested to invest for learning,  Pls Don’t think about work from home.

This is Hard Truth

How to start work from home?

  • You can just start to work immediately if you have something offer to the world (eg. Teaching subject)
  • Need to update knowledge in the relevant industry
  • Take atleast 6 months to 1 Year of time to learn about your passionate things or what the world requires
Here I have listed 90 works from home, You can ask me any question in the comment section below, I will guide you to take next steps

Computer and Online Work from Home

1. Desktop Publishing Services (DTP) | DTP coaching | Design Tips Blog
2. Visiting card, Business card, Brochur, Presentation background sale via website/Blog
3. Computer Software and Language Coaching: Online and Offline | Technology Tips Blog
4. Computer Hardware services
5. Website Designer | website Templates sales on Blog
6. Logo designer | Logo designs sales on Blog
7. Website Banner designer | website banner sales on Blog
8. Website designing course (Online / Offline)
9. Content writing (own blog / Others Blog)
10. Google Adword Professional with Free Training from Google (Individual professional/Company)
11. Medical transcription
12. EBay Assistant | Sale products on eBay
13. Marketing Affiliate Products and Services via Blog
14. Selling Products Online via blog, eBay, Amazon
15. EBook Publishing
16. SEO Service
17. Software development / Game development / Apps development
18. Film reviewer via Blog
19. Concept related Forum
20. Classified portal

Service work from home

21. Fitness Instructor | Fitness Blog
22. Beauty Parlor | Beauty blog
23. Interior Designer | Interior Designer Blogger
24. Indoor Plant | Indoor Plant Blogger
25. Spoken English trainer (Online and Offline)
26. Personality Development trainer  (Online and Offline)
27. Pet Sitting
28. Baby Sitting

Consultant and Agent work

29. Real Estate Agent | Real Estate portal
30. Job Consultant | Jobs portal
31. Pet Groomer
32. Business Consultant | Business Coach | Business Blog
33. Matrimonial Services (Online and offline)
34. Acting car driver agent
35. Travel Agent
36. Security Service Agent
37. Housekeeping Service Agent

Food industry work from home

38. Catering Service
39. Food Blogger
40. Cooking Classes
41. Micro oven classes
42. Cake making classes
43. Chocolate Making classes
44. Biscuit Making classes
45. Diet food Blog

Art and Craft works from Home

46. Jewelry Designing (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
47. Clay Art (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
48. Artificial flower decoration service
49. Tailoring Business (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
50. Fashion Designer (Coaching | Blog )
51. Making and Selling kurtis (online and offline)
52. Jute bag Making and sale (online and offline)
53. Paper Bag Making and sale (online and offline)
54. Candle / designer candle Making and sale (online and offline)
55. Craft on Coconut shell Making and sale (online and offline)
56. Musical Classes
57. Dance Classes
58. Painting Classes (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
59. Embroidery Classes (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
60. Aari Works (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
61. Painting on Sarees and Salwar kameez (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
62. Kalamkarai Print (Sales [online and offline] | Coaching | Blog )
63. Sarees and salwar kameez sale (online and offline)
64. Other states art work sales (online and offline)
65. Mehandi Designer (Service | Coaching | Blog )
66. Photography (Stock Photo sale | Photograph Blog)


67. Social issues article to newspaper
68. Content writing (own blog /others blog)
69. Copywriter and Proof reading work

Blog work from Home

70. Health care Blog
71. Hair care Blog
72. Gardening Blog
73. Technology Blog | Forum
74. Motivational Blog


75. Aquarium business
76. Vegetable farming
77. Mushroom cultivation
78. Nursery Garden
79. Floriculture
80. Gardening class | Gardening Blog
81. Herb gardening
82. Organic farming
83. Rose cultivation


Other works from Home

84. Wedding Planner
85. Party Planning
86. Corporate Training Business
87. Scrap Booking Business
88. Tax and Account Preparation
89. Import Business
90. Export Business

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