Button sleeve salwar kameez design

Do you search different salwar kameez pattern and designs over the internet? I always like to wear salwar kameez which looks unique and stylish. I used to collect patterns and make my customized design. I was doing this as my hobby.
Finally this hobby made me to open a blog and post all my collection of designs. And surprisingly this hobby turns to money. Yes, from this blog i am earning monthly 10k to 15k. Interesting? I just saying these because you can also turn your hobby to money.
Earlier i collected designs from other sites and post huge collection. But due to copywrite problem i couldn’t do these nowadays. So posting one design with the name of the source site. Whenever i release salwar kameez catalog, you can see all my collection.Get my previous collection from the “Download”
Picture shows a button sleeve salwar kameez. If you like to stitch these dress with sleeve increase the height of sleeve (blue color). And place the button on the sleeve.
Thanks to give your time to read my Post. If you have anything to say, please feel free to comment

2 thoughts on “Button sleeve salwar kameez design”

  1. Nice design. Very casual and practical. Fits very well for office or hang outs. Well done. Thank you very much.

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