Best sleeve pattern for salwar kameez

Though lot of sleeve patterns available, we using certain sleeves such as Short sleeve, long sleeve, three fourth sleeve and puff sleeve for salwar kameez. Lets see who can wear which sleeve. Combining proper sleeve with appropriate neck model is good to see.

Short Sleeve

Short sleeve is always gives good look. Who can wear short sleeve? A person who have perfect shoulder width and perfect figure size. Who should not wear? A broad shoulder’s person should not wear short sleeve. Because it makes your shoulder more wider. And lean figure and bulky figure person also should avoid short sleeve. It makes them to look too lean or too fat.

Puff sleeve

The same condition as short sleeve also applicable for short sleeve. A person who have perfect shoulder size and perfect figure can go for puff sleeve. A lean person also can have puff sleeve which make them to look little bit fat.

Three fourth sleeve

Person who have broad shoulder and fat person can have three fourth sleeve. It makes the shoulder small and look lean. A lean person has to avoid three fourth sleeve.

Full sleeve

The same condition as three fourth sleeve

Three fourth and short sleeve combine with collar model neck design will give good look to the salwar. Closed collar model make the shoulder width look less.

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