Are you looking for your own work at Home/ Small Business?

Reveal #1 Secrete of Work at Home Jobs
You are reading this article probably because of you are seeking for work at home jobs or hunting for innovative ideas of work at home jobs or whether we offer any work at home job.
Answer for all this question is “Yes”. Definitely you will get one at the end of this article. And addition, this article will change your opinion on “work at home”.  
What is the difference between work at home job and business? (Yes, you can do business at home … believe me! I’m doing my international business from home that too using the only resource of Internet).
Any job that has been assigned to you by someone else and get paid (mostly less) is Work at home Jobs. It is hard to Work for someone’s expectation and target. Whereas, you replace the position of work assigner and dealing that jobs in different dimension is called work from home business.
Instead of job seeker, why don’t you to become Job provider.  Ok, where can you get the job?  Before proceed see the Video Link below!
Google portrait a women in Bangalore for the token appreciation of brought her knowledge using powerful online media tools. What does she do? It is very simple. She possesses good knowledgein cooking.
She used to teaching cooking via online (online coaching class), started a Blog and posting recipes, writes  EBooks and selling it online.
Cooking (knowledge) = coaching (job 1), blogging (job2), EBooks writer (Job3).
Now she is providing jobs to other people who are dedicated in content writing and cooking. As she needs to take photographs of her recipes, now she extends her knowledge in photography.
See, I have marked the Word “KNWOLEDGE” as Bold.
Knowledge is the secret of Work at Home Business (Online Business)
So, here is work at home formula.
Knowledge + coaching + blogging + EBooks = work at home business or Online business
[Yes! this is the concept of our women business consultancy. Throughout the blog we are going to prepare you do to work at home business. And we are going to discuss more than 100 works at home business ideas.]
When we are talking about Business, everything stands behind the knowledge. Without knowledge nothing will move forward.  If you have enough knowledge coach, people will follow you and a future business will wait for you.
 If already you are expert in doing something, then no problem. (But updating is required). But if you not then what have to do to develop your knowledge?
From this point of reading onward, I need your attention to self review yourself. You could have a note book and write on it. [It helped me lot!]
Ask the question yourself, do you know any of the work at home business/jobs? If your answer is “yes”, then what are the reasons holds back you to not doing that?
[If time permits, Get time to think about your knowledge, passion and aim etc., take this privilege and make use of it now.]
Now, have you got your answer?. OK
The reason may be one of that
·         You don’t know how to do it (Knowledge)
·         Not interested (Passion)
·         Don’t want to invest money (Money)
·         Let see it tomorrow. (Time)
·         Situation restriction (Problems)
I will try to resolve it in my own way and experience.
1.  Don’t know how to do
I know few experts on the internet (most of them are western world’s people.) who provide services, coaching and promoting it via Blog [Blogging + coaching + EBooks + live seminars + podcast + webinar [web and seminar]).  Round the clock they are working and earning enough money.
Their tips, techniques and ideas are very innovative and useful to upcomers. These people made me to think that they are brilliant. But still, they are reading other writer’s book (how they are getting time. I don’t know) and blogs.  Get their ideas using it and bring it to their reader’s knowledge (but they never forgot to mention the name of book and author).
Never stop learning because Life never stops Teaching
On your daily routine include the habit of get knowledge by reading others book, refer online resources according to your interest. Try to improving it to the extent. There is no wrong in paying and learning from expert.  Knowledge is the powerful asset which is always required for women who feel sometime insecure.
A strong knowledge about any topics brings you to the next level like coaching it to others, blogging it online and writing EBooks.
Then your work at home job…….no business will be started
2. Not interested
If you are divide things into likes and dislikes, you will miss other dimension of your life.
When I attended my “International business risk management” seminar, one of the chief guests who is working as a bank’s head said,
“You people not have thorough knowledge in your field. Always you are carless and postpone learning and decide we will learn it when it needs. Once any problem comes then you rush to know and solve it. By then it goes under your control or you need to struggle lot to resolve it.”
I realized and decided that moment to learn as much as possible (see. I’m not a content writer but I’m trying to learn and producing this article).
Try to broaden your views, see everything and learn everything that you are passing.
3. Invest money
There are lots of works available to do without much investment. But we need to invest small amount to move further.
Do you do any work without any expectation? Do you work without any payment?
(But some great people doing works without expectation in the world).
Behind everything money is there. If you invest 100 rupees then only you can make it as 200 rupees. Otherwise
0 rupees investments give 0 rupees incomes.
Nobody wants to get sick and spend money. But when situation comes we must do spend. So we are ready to spend for unexpected thing but not for our expectations.
We have to create must situation and spend money to get trained or starting something new.
4. Let see it tomorrow.
Almost all of us are like that. If you think everyday “let see” then only changes in your life is “Time”
The trouble is, you think you have TIME – Buddha
Don’t waste a single time try to spend it in useful way. If you invest the time today you will reap it as money tomorrow.
Start doing your equation immediately and get your answer “Business”
Before leaving I want to hear from you, please Comment
What are the reasons holds back you to not to start your work at home jobs/business?

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  1. It's a amazing post for the working women & home maker, we can really sit back and earn and spend quality time with our family. I have a passion to bring a site for jewelry making and need your guidance.

  2. A very nice post of yours. I was also thinking of doing something related to fabric and clothing. Worked on the boutique but there is a lot of chaos and at the end of the day it feels that after running so much from pillar to post, there is no sufficient income and there is no peace of mind. And all this not at the cost of family and personal life. Would like to start something of a generalized kind of manufacturing unit where there are various sizes but the design, pattern, fabric, etc. remains the same. Kindly Suggest what best can be done.

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