6 Reason why you have to learn Aari emrboidery?

when we hear the term embroidery dress, we can feel the elegance of the dress but expensive too. Embroidery has always demand in the fashion world. Once upon a time the embroidery works has been produced by rural women in India.

Now its time to learn by  the city girl to earn handsome income. Especially Aari embroidery took the place. Nowadays no marriage without embroidery blouse. Earlier all wedding saree gone with only ready made borders work. Now trend  changed. All women preferring grand aari embroidery work on full sleeve, full back and front neck along with beautiful patterns.

Why we need to learn this?

  1. All the wedding the brides needs embroidery blouse, bridal lehngas and Even  to improve the look of wedding (pattu) saree. So seasonal demand
  2. Apart from seasonal also women prefer mild designs on the neck or hands.
  3. Internationally bridal blouse has lot of demands. You can sell to your abroad friends, ask support from your friends to sell overseas, sell via ebay and you can export too.
  4. You can simply work from home on your comfort time. No need office.
  5. Hobbies into earning
  6. After learning you can also conduct workshop on your own.

Interesting? Would you like to learn?

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